Education Scholarships

Students in the recreational marine workforce come in a variety of ages and experience levels; the traditional student either in High School or a Community College, the adult learner already in a career in the marine industry, a career changer, or someone exiting the military. Whether it be the commitment to a 2-year program, or participating in an educational seminar, scholarships can help eliminate some of the barriers to education.


With a grant awarded by the Kathy & Jerry Woods Foundation, the ABYC Foundation has established a needs-based scholarship fund to assist students in a number of types of educational offerings. This includes but is not limited to:


Traditional Schools – Accredited post-secondary schools provide excellent opportunities for aspiring marine service technicians. School administrators can apply on behalf of students in need of financial assistance. 14 post-secondary schools that are a part of ABYC's Marine League of Schools have committed to matching these funds.


Continuing Education Events – There are many events are held across the country that offer marine industry CEU’s. This scholarship fund will provide small businesses and their employees the ability to continue their education and bring new skills to their chosen profession in the recreational marine industry.


Certifications – Potential students can apply for financial assistance for ABYC Certification classes, NMEA Certification classes and more. In many states, such as Maryland, workforce development grants can offset the remaining tuition making certification virtually free.


Specialized Product Training - Professional training courses from companies like Evinrude, Yamaha, Mercury, etc.

Contact ABYC for more information and to apply!

David Broadbent at 410-990-4460 x119 or