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 Boat Donation

Donate your boat to ABYC to receive a tax deduction and rid yourself of the hassle of trying to sell it. We take over all expenses as soon as the boat is accepted! The Boat Donation Program is the perfect way to support our mission. 


Our trained staff and partners will ensure that the donation process is as simple and hassle-free as possible and as the donor you receive the maximum tax deduction possible.

We accept new and functioning, used boats in good (or better) working condition. Vessels accepted include – power boats, sailboats and PWCs.  All potential donations must be titled/documented and free of all encumbrances.  They must not be under current contract with a broker.

How it works


1. Fill out the form to tell us a little more about your boat (click button below). Please send current photos as well.

2. If your boat qualifies, you will be contacted to obtain additional information re: the vessel and coordinate the exchange.

3. Once sold, you will be sent all necessary tax documentation, including Form 1098-C needed for your records.


I decided it was time for my Jeanneau Voyage 12.5 to go to a new owner. During the last round of updates, the contractor doing the work did a great job on his repairs, but made a mess of the interior.  The boat was in good mechanical condition and sailed very well, but the cabin was going to need some expensive work before it’d be attractive to a potential buyer again.  

I knew I wasn’t going to recover all the money spent on the boat, I'm not sure anyone ever does, so convincing myself donation was financially acceptable wasn’t that difficult.  I also knew it was bound to be a big help to whatever organization I finally chose. The dock master at the marina where Spindrift was tied up suggested ABYC. I liked the idea of helping the organization dedicated to making our boats safe, so I contacted them.  

Overall, the process was very easy.  A representative from ABYC responded quickly and put me in touch with their agent who would handle the actual transfer.  Certified Sales was very easy to work with, they were responsive, and made sure all the paperwork - what little there was of it - got to me quickly and was appropriately completed.  From start to finish it was a very low-stress event, I’d honestly thought it’d be much messier and was very happily surprised by both the ABYC and Certified Sales.  I had all the information I needed for my taxes and even that aspect of the donation went smoothly.

I would certainly recommend anyone considering donating their vessel to give the ABYC a serious look. You can’t argue with their mission, they’re very easy to work with, and their program is well-managed and professionally executed.

-Dustin Clark 

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